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About Huxted Tunneling

Huxted’s experience, equipment, and certifications, in addition to an excellent reputation in the field, allows it to bid and perform a wide range of microtunneling projects.

Company Profile

Huxted Tunneling is a State of Florida Certified General Contractor with microtunneling and guided boring equipment capable of installing pipe from 8” to 120” in diameter. Huxted Tunneling has significant experience working in ground conditions ranging from highly porous soft sandy silt to lime rock, with significant water volume and head pressure. Huxted’s experience, equipment, and certifications, in addition to an excellent reputation in the field, allows it to bid and perform a wide range of microtunneling projects. Huxted Tunneling owns one of the largest fleets of microtunneling machines in the country and is interested in all domestic opportunities.

Our Shared Vision:

The Most Sought After Infrastructure Expert.

Our Values, Focus and Vision are an integral part of our spirit and central to our continued growth and success. Business decisions will be consistent with our values and employee performance will be evaluated for consistency with our values. I expect us to embrace our Values, Focus and Vision and make them a part of our daily activities.

Roly Acosta

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” – Benjamin Franklin.

  • Our reputation is of utmost importance and outweighs everything.
  • We do what is right, not what is easy.
  • We deliver high quality microtunneling projects with integrity.
  • We proudly represent the name on our hard hat every day.

Work Ethic:
“There is no substitute for hard work.” – Thomas Edison

  • We outperform our competition because we are focused in our effort to plan the work and solve problems.
  • We are enthusiastic about every challenging microtunneling project we build.
  • Hard work might exhaust us, but we give our best effort because we care.

Team Accomplishment:

“Individual commitment to a group effort-that is what makes a team work, a company work.” – Vince Lombardi

  • We use “we” and not “I.” “We” signifies you are part of an organization larger than yourself. “I” implies you are only concerned about your self-interest.
  • We involve employees in decision-making. We ensure the entire team feels a part of the company’s growth.
  • We win as a Team and we lose as Team; we are committed to working as Team.

Key Personnel

Ray Post

Ray PostVice President / General Manager

Ray has been involved with the tunneling and trenchless industry for over 25 years. He has a BS degree in Construction Engineering from Louisiana Tech University (home of the Trenchless Technology Center). Ray has worked on all sides of the construction industry, including contracting, engineering/designing, sales, and owner representation. He started his career with Iseki Inc., selling and leasing Microtunneling machines in addition to working with owners and engineers helping to develop the small and relatively unknown U.S. Microtunneling. Following this, he worked for contractors and engineering firms in various capacities. In addition to Microtunneling, Ray has experience in segment tunneling, rib and board tunneling and pipe jacking and the use of microtunnel, EPB, conventional and digger shields. He has bid and worked on projects ranging in size from $500,000 to one billion dollars, and tunnels with diameters ranging from 10 inches to 21 feet and up to 26,000 feet in length. He has worked across the U.S. and Canada in various geotechnical conditions as a general contractor, subcontractor, and joint venture contractor (both as the managing party and as a member party). Ray holds contractor licenses in multiple states and is active in a wide variety of tunneling, microtunneling, trenchless, and contractor associations.

Definition and History:

Microtunneling is a process that uses a remotely controlled, guided Microtunnel Boring Machine (MTBM) that provides continuous face (ground and water) support combined with the pipe jacking technique to directly install product pipelines underground in a single pass with limited man access. This process avoids the need to have long stretches of open trench to install pipe, which causes extreme disruption to the community. In the U.S., microtunneling has been used to install pipe from twelve inches to twelve feet in diameter. In the U.S. the definition for microtunneling does not necessarily include a size, but, a method. Microtunneling is currently the most accurate pipeline installation method. Line and grade tolerances within one inch are typically achieved.

Microtunneling was developed by the Japanese in the early 1970’s to install sanitary sewer pipes and replace the use of open/exposed sewers in urban areas without major disruption to the urban community. The first microtunneling project in the U.S. occurred in south Florida in 1984.This was a 600 foot crossing with 72″ pipe under I 95 and the FEC Railroad. Although originally designed for gravity sewer pipe installation, microtunneling installations include a variety of utilities including sewer, water, oil/petroleum, electrical, etc for the underground crossings of highways, railroads, runways, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas. This process has also been used to install intakes and outfalls for power, water and sewer plants, etc. Microtunneling is also used in the pipe arch technique of supporting large underground openings with an arch or roof made up of small tunnels.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

We are committed to achieving an accident free workplace. Proactive involvement, personal responsibility, personal accountability, and continuous individual improvement are expected of all employees, subcontractors, vendors and clients. Safety is of utmost importance in the planning of all work, and every one of our employees embrace his/her role in successfully implementing our Safety Program.

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